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    Reducing head





    Making of seamless head

    The size head (reducing pipe) is a pipe fitting used for the diameter of the pipe. The commonly used forming process is reducing diameter pressing, expanding diameter pressing or reducing diameter plus expanding diameter pressing, and stamping forming can also be used for reducing diameter pipes of certain specifications.

    Diameter reduction/expansion forming

    The diameter reduction forming process of the small and small heads is to put a tube blank with the same diameter as the large end of the small and small heads into a forming die, and press the tube along the axial direction of the tube blank to move the metal along the mold cavity and shrink into shape. According to the size of the reducing diameter of the reducer, it is divided into one-time press forming or multiple press forming.


    In addition to the use of titanium tubes as raw materials to produce small and small heads, some sizes of heads can also be produced by stamping and forming using titanium plates. The shape of the punch used for drawing is designed with reference to the size of the inner surface of the size head, and the blanked titanium plate is punched and stretched with a punch.

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