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Looking at the development of the titanium industry chain under the epidemic from the national import and export data

See the power and gain the power, and the one who knows the "power" is a brilliant. Under the epidemic, some people are very pessimistic about China's economy. When reporters went to Baoji to interview Wang Wensheng, Chairman of Baoti Group and Luo Jianhui, Chairman of Jucheng Titanium, they were calm about the impact of the epidemic. Wang Wensheng said that in the global epidemic, no one can "be alone". The impact of the epidemic presents three situations: "good, generally affected, and more affected." He said that if companies respond to the epidemic with a positive attitude, they will minimize losses. Luo Jianhui said that objectively speaking, the epidemic has a certain impact on the titanium market, and the degree of impact varies from company to company, with export companies having a greater impact. He said that with every plague and natural disaster faced by mankind, society has not regressed, but has moved forward in repair. Baoti Group and Jucheng Titanium have been more or less affected by the epidemic. I believe that they will actively respond with a calm attitude, the loss will be minimized, and the loss will be made up a little bit during the economic recovery.

The pace of social progress is spiral, and the track of economic development is also spiral. This is because the general direction and trend of the development of things is a forward movement from low-level to high-level, from simple to complex. But the way forward is not a straight line, but a tortuous one, and there will be a return to the starting point. This global epidemic is an economic regression in the short term, but in the long term it is an integration of economic development, and it can even be said to be a reshuffle of the survival of the fittest. Perhaps "washing is healthier", washing is more conducive to excellent companies in all walks of life to go better, excellent products more market.

The reporter visited and analyzed the situation in the domestic titanium industry chain. Indeed, companies ranging from sponge titanium to titanium material processing companies have been affected by the epidemic, especially export-oriented companies. However, the issue of the "impact of the epidemic" needs to be divided into two. Because, since the second half of 2018, the pace of increasing production and expansion of sponge titanium has accelerated, and titanium processing companies have not been idle, and the pace of repeating equipment on the production line has not stopped. In the first half of this year, the production of titanium sponge was about 50,000 tons, which was the highest record in the same period in history. The downstream market did not have such a large amount. Therefore, the price dropped from 80,000 yuan. There is only one thing to do with the epidemic, that is, the epidemic has accelerated the decline. The role of "boosting". In addition, the titanium processing market is both fragmented and repetitive. For example, the titanium welded pipe market has repeated production lines, whether the epidemic will come or not, and the next "price fight" is the main theme.

Although the development of the titanium industry chain is not perfect, the production capacity of sponge titanium is surplus, the middle and low-end capabilities of titanium processing are surplus, and the high-end is insufficient. However, the reporter of Titanium Micromedia, after visiting a large number of companies, analyzed that the sponge titanium market will continue to operate at a low level, but from the end of May to early June, it will not go down again, but will run smoothly at a low level. Based on the prior analysis, the following is a paragraph of the analysis of Titanium Micromedia in the article "The price of sponge titanium is walking on a steel wire in "two more and two less"" on May 8-"The bottom of the price of sponge titanium has reached 45,000 yuan per ton. Pit, it is estimated that it will be maintained for a long time in the future from 50,000 to 65,000 yuan/ton. The market has an invisible hand, and this hand is also ruthless. Because the market does not believe in tears. But also believe, despite the current sponge titanium The market price system is in chaos. At the end of the second quarter and into the third quarter, the chaotic titanium sponge market will gradually become stable as the market is sorted out. It is only recommended that titanium sponge enterprises do well and cherish it. Following the market rules is the kingly way and the price must be paid. Let the market decide."

Analyzing the total import and export volume of my country from January to May this year, we can see that the export situation is gradually improving——

In the first quarter, total imports and exports fell by 6.4%, exports fell by 11.4%, and imports fell by 0.7%;

From January to April, total imports and exports fell by 4.9%, exports fell by 6.4%, and imports fell by 3.2%;

From January to May, total imports and exports fell by 4.9%, exports fell by 4.7%, and imports fell by 5.2%. When the Ministry of Commerce announced the total value of imports and exports from January to May, there was a special sentence that in May, exports increased by 1.4% and imports fell by 12.7%.

The total import and export volume looks like a set of boring figures, but political economy is hidden in it. In the first quarter, my country's epidemic was the most serious. There were a few people infected with the new crown virus in foreign countries. Therefore, exports fell sharply by 11.4%, while imports only fell by 0.7%. This is also the reason why export titanium companies have made a "sorrowful" voice. With the control of the epidemic in China and the “out of control” of the foreign epidemic, import and export data began to change. From January to May, exports fell by 4.7% and imports fell by 5.2%. In May, exports have increased by 1.4%, and imports have fallen sharply by 12.7%. The data tells us that exports are slowly improving, which also confirms that Wang Wensheng and Luo Jianhui say that we must calmly analyze and respond positively.

At the end of June, the reporter visited the Pearl River Delta area. A Taiwanese businessman said that although trading companies are still greatly affected by the global epidemic, the Chinese economy has been quietly recovering. When discussing the titanium market with Wang Jun, general manager of Shenzhen Extreme Titanium, and Guo Yuanbing, general manager of Bastion Titanium, they learned that the two companies have full production and operations, and their operating conditions are estimated to be better than last year. This is because the epidemic has changed the marketing thinking of the two companies, responding actively to changes, observing in silence, and developing amidst changes.

Looking at the development of the titanium industry chain under the epidemic from the changes in my country’s total import and export data, China’s economy and China’s titanium industry must be progressing in the future, as Luo Jianhui said: the titanium market is still there, but the epidemic has delayed the market The pace of development.

It is a foresight and a strategic vision for enterprise development. Only outstanding companies can see the general trend and taste the connotation of "the sharp edge of the sword is sharpened, and the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the bitter cold" under the epidemic.