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The 4th 2020 China Titanium Civil Products Summit Forum will be held in Baoji from November 17-19

The global outbreak of new crown pneumonia in 2020 will highlight the downward pressure on the economy, the real economy is fragile, market demand is sluggish, and the world economy’s low growth situation is difficult to change. Declining prices and shrinking markets have also put pressure on the titanium industry. But in this special period, the titanium industry is facing difficulties and opportunities, how can it develop sustainably? Expand a new development path? It is a major issue facing the industry.

In recent years, the titanium industry has gone from small to large, from weak to strong, and the excellent properties of titanium materials have attracted more and more attention in aerospace, marine engineering, petrochemical and other industrial fields. At the same time, titanium materials have unique human compatibility and antibacterial properties. They are unique in the civilian consumer market. With the concept of healthy living, they give full play to their human affinity, non-toxicity, and antibacterial advantages, and make a breakthrough in the field of daily necessities. New development path. Titanium has certain advantages in focusing on health and food safety, forming a unique application scenario for titanium in the civilian market. To this end, the holding of the 4th National Titanium Civil Products Summit Forum will promote the integrated development of titanium materials in the fields of daily necessities, kitchenware, small home appliances, and leisure. The conference will build a cross-field cooperation platform for materials, markets, and sales, and gather talents and talents. , To discuss the development context and development direction of the titanium civilian product market.

meeting arrangement

Organizer: China Nonferrous Metals News, Titanium Micromedia, Topda Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

Meeting time: November 17-19, 2020

Conference theme: co-creation, sharing and progress

Conference Venue: Wanfu Hotel, Baoji City

Conference theme

1. Titanium material manufacturing, process technology development and application

2. The development and application of titanium in the civil market

3. The development of process technology and the practice of product development in titanium products enterprises

4. Marketing model, market promotion, construction of e-commerce marketing platform

5. Development status of hardware, daily necessities and small household appliances industry, discussion on the application of titanium

6. Military-civilian integration to build titanium development