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Baoji \"Golden Valley\" Creates 100 Billion Titanium Industry Cluster

The strength of Baoji City in Shaanxi Province in the titanium industry comes not only from the productivity, which accounts for more than 60% of the country and more than 20% of the world, but also from the explosive power of self-improvement and technological innovation here.

The 4,500-meter titanium submersible manned spherical shell produced here broke the technological monopoly of Europe and the United States in deep-sea exploration; the precision-forged titanium alloy material produced here helps military tanks to speed up; the new type of titanium produced here helps the Chinese University The plane soars in the sea of clouds...

The "sea, land and air" facilities have made Baoji the most important titanium material research and development and production base in China, and has also won the reputation of "China Titanium Valley".

If the Baoti Group, which has been baptized for more than half a century, is firmly in the “hegemony” position in the local titanium industry, then in recent years, more than 500 private enterprises in the titanium industry in Baoji are acting as the “second generation of titanium” from small to large. From weak to strong, a road of open branches and leaves and rapid development will be gradually made.

"Zi" fell to the fertile soil

In the 1990s, private enterprises in the titanium industry in Baoji were still "single digits", but now, there are more than 500 private enterprises in the titanium industry. Where do these private enterprises come from?

Plant one millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, while Baoti Group, a large state-owned enterprise, has formed a tens of billions of output value, many of its technological, ambitious and ambitious “children” have just shaken off the group, and then took root in Baoji. In the decades A titanium industry cluster of "a hundred flowers bloom in spring" has been formed.

Tracing back to the source, Zheng Yongli, chairman of Baoji Xinnuo New Metal Co., Ltd., was the "son" shaken off from Baoti Group.

Before 2007, Baoji Xinnuo New Metal Company was only a small workshop for titanium processing, and it had no boundaries with high-precision technology. At the company's shareholders meeting that year, Zheng Yongli put forward the idea of "focusing on the medical industry" for an unprecedented time, and shareholders questioned and objected one after another. Indeed, at that time, domestic medical titanium alloy materials were almost dominated by "foreign products" such as the United States and Japan. It was a fantasy for a private enterprise to compete for the market pie in this high-end field.

"Europe and the United States can make it, so why can't we make it?" Zheng Yongli said loudly. After day-to-day scientific research, the medical titanium alloy materials produced by the enterprise have fallen into the dilemma of "not popular". Carrying a travel bag, he went to Beijing and Guangzhou, the more frustrated he became, the more he traveled to more than half of China, abruptly knocked on the market door with excellent quality.

In 2012, the output value of Baoji Xinnuo New Metal Company reached 30 million yuan; in 2015, it exceeded 60 million yuan; by 2019, it had reached 130 million yuan.

"For every 100 medical titanium alloy products produced in China, 35 materials come from us!" Zheng Yongli said proudly. Today, their company has grown into the largest R&D and manufacturing enterprise of medical titanium alloy materials in China.

Many private enterprises in the titanium industry are spreading out in the fertile soil of Baoji's titanium industry, and blooming, forming a complete product chain of "sponge titanium-titanium ingots-titanium processing materials-titanium alloy materials-titanium composite materials-titanium deep-processing products".

Thousands of sails will compete on the occasion of "wind"

The continuous deepening of reform and opening up and the development opportunities of the "One Belt One Road" have brought unprecedented "East Wind" to the "Titanium II" in Baoji. In this turbulent meeting, the "Titanium Second Generation" has also achieved its own continuous evolution. If the previous entrepreneurs came from the Baotai Group or have a strong "earthness", then Baoji's "Titanium Second Generation" is medium to high Academic qualifications and high-level talents are competing for development in Qianfan.

Jia Shaohui, 38 years old, founded Ruixi Titanium Industry Company after graduating from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, creating a miracle of a 30-fold increase in foreign trade exports in 5 years.

In the first quarter of this year, despite the impact of the epidemic, the company still exported 25 tons of titanium to the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Canada, worth 4.18 million US dollars. Few people know that his first overseas order that year was only 15 kilograms of titanium that no one would like in the industry, and it was worth $500.

Why is this company's export earnings soaring? The key is Jia Shaohui's vision.

"Overseas is a big market for titanium materials, and a'second battlefield' must be opened up." Jia Shaohui said that the reason why companies can knock on the door to the international market depends on improving quality internally and opening up markets externally. The key to the outward development of private enterprises in Baoji titanium industry lies. Up to now, titanium products "made in Baoji" by private enterprises have been exported to many countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, India, etc., and have become important international companies such as Boeing, General Motors, Airbus, Goodrich, Bombardier, etc. Strategic partners. In 2019, the total export value of Baoji's titanium industry was 1.178 billion yuan, of which the export value of private enterprises in the titanium industry reached 560 million yuan, and it is showing a trend of increase year by year.

The courage to "change" talents come forth in large numbers

Titanium ingots, titanium forgings, titanium strips, titanium rods and wires, titanium tubes, titanium powder, titanium equipment, titanium composite materials... The "menu" of the Baoji titanium industry cluster is basically limited to the industrial category. How to enrich this "menu" ? Baoji "Titanium II" has its own courage.

Today, various "upstream and downstream" and "left and right bank" corporate relationships have provided huge development momentum for private enterprises in the titanium industry. In this cluster, private enterprises in the titanium industry can give full play to their products and processing equipment's expertise, and cooperate with each other, just like comrades in a trench, and business opportunities will emerge from the crowd.

Baoji Jucheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. found business opportunities in the "change". The first domestic private enterprise in the titanium industry listed on the New OTC Market has now begun to enter the field of daily necessities for the common people. In the company's exhibition hall, dozens of products such as titanium woks, water cups, glasses, chopsticks, spoons, health pots, etc., are gradually being introduced to the market at a "people-friendly price", and the future market demand will be very strong.

Also seeking change is Baoji Hercules New Materials Co., Ltd. In the new large-scale forging and processing park built by the company, all kinds of machinery are being intensively installed and debugged. Soon, an RF-40 precision forging machine purchased from Austria for 91.75 million yuan will be installed here. The accuracy of this equipment is unique in Asia.

"With this precision forging machine, the high-precision problem of titanium forging is solved. After the investment of nearly 100 million yuan to introduce this precision forging machine, the company's output value will increase to 5 billion yuan this year and 8 billion yuan in the future." The person in charge of the company Zhang Yuanyuan said that if the Baoji Titanium Group has planted a piece of industrial fertile soil for the Baoji titanium industry, the development of more than 500 private enterprises in the titanium industry is making this a true titanium industry "golden valley". Looking forward to the future, Baoji City will further accelerate the construction of "Baoji·China Titanium Valley", continuously improve the supporting service system of titanium processing, testing, and trading, and strive to build a titanium industry cluster of 100 billion yuan.