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Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals: Breaking \"Technical Barriers\" and Casting \"Great Powers\"

Since its transformation in 1999, the Northwest Non-Ferrous Metal Research Institute in Shaanxi Province has explored and practiced the development model of “three-in-one, parent holding, equity incentives, and capital operation” to solve multiple “stuck-neck” technical problems for the country and contribute to manned spaceflight. It has made contributions to the "big powers" such as the lunar exploration project, domestically-made large aircraft, the "Hualong One" nuclear power, and all-superconducting nuclear fusion devices.

In the exhibition room of Western Superconducting Material Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, a large domestic aircraft model of C919 is displayed. Liu Xianghong, deputy general manager of Western Superconducting Company, said that the company has now fully participated in the research and development process of domestic large aircraft engine blades.

“The core material of a large aircraft engine is a high-temperature alloy, and the composition structure is very complex. The difficulty in making this alloy is that the distribution of various metal elements is very uniform when it is liquid, and the distribution is not uniform during the solidification process.” Liu Xianghong said: “After many years We have overcome technical difficulties and gained a place in this field."

Stories of breaking through foreign "technical barriers" like this are numerous in the Northwest Nonferrous Institute. Since the restructuring, the institute has successively built more than 10 domestic and foreign advanced production lines, including the world's leading low-temperature superconducting ingot, wire, and magnet full-process production line, aerospace "high-end titanium alloy bar production line" and "metal fiber and product production line" , Forming the largest domestic rare metal material industrial cluster.

As one of the first batch of reformed scientific research institutes in my country, the Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute broke a new path of reform. At that time, the Northwest Nonferrous Institute did not, like other institutes, either weakened the abandonment of scientific research and directly transformed into an enterprise, or entered other large enterprises as a technical department, but transformed into a technology-based enterprise, retaining and consolidating basic research, and maintaining technological development advantages , So that the follow-up industrial development has a core motivation.

Zheng Shujun, director of the office of the Northwest Nonferrous Institute, said that the so-called "three-in-one, parent holding" refers to the incubation and pilot test verification of a large number of scientific research results accumulated by the Northwest Nonferrous Institute to form a mature process, technology and quality standards, etc. Transform and invest in the establishment of high-tech industrial companies. After the company has made a profit, it will return to the parent body with the investment profit, and the research institute will invest in new R&D and pilot trials, thus forming a virtuous circle of sustainable development of the "trinity".

Adopting the equity incentive model and fully respecting the value of scientific research and innovation is one of the key factors for the success of the reform of Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute. Since the beginning of 2000, Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute has explored and implemented scientific and technical personnel holdings and quantitatively allocated no less than 40% of intangible assets to individuals. Zhang Zhixiang, chairman of Xi’an Kaili New Materials Co., Ltd., one of the subsidiaries of Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, said that when the company was first established, the registered capital was 1 million yuan, the research institute held 56%, the company held 44%, and employees passed employee shareholding. The meeting can also buy shares.

"At that time, the institute saw the growth points in the field of fine chemicals, ranging from strategic planning to helping the company standardize its daily management system, providing workplaces, etc., which gave the company a lot of support and saved many start-up technology companies. And financial resources." Zhang Zhixiang recalled.

In Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, many of the incubated technology companies have begun to seek listing after they have developed to a certain level, so as to solve their development capital needs through the capital market. Through capital operation and listing, the company continues to grow bigger and stronger: As the first batch of companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2019, Western Superconductor's stock price rose from the highest issue price of 15 yuan to more than 70 yuan. The other three listed companies of Northwest Nonferrous Institute They are also favored by the capital market.

Compared with the year 2000 at the beginning of the transformation, the comprehensive income of the Northwest Hospital reached 13.207 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 87 times. The total asset value reached 12.3 billion, an increase of 59 times. For seven consecutive years, the comprehensive strength has been ranked among the forefront of reforming institutions in the country and the first among non-ferrous industry institutions.

What makes many employees of Northwest Nonferrous Institute even more proud is that in recent years, Northwest Nonferrous Institute has always been concerned with major national strategies, taking the responsibility of undertaking the scientific research and development of rare metal materials for important national projects and the transformation of results, and carrying out technological research in response to major needs. A large number of achievements with completely independent intellectual property rights have been formed, which filled many domestic gaps and broke through many "stuck neck" technical problems.

In the process of independent innovation, the Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute has also established a national demonstration base for training innovative talents, and trained a large number of high-level scientific and technological talents such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, leading talents in the "Ten Thousand Talents Program", and national outstanding professional and technical talents. A leader in the field of rare metal materials.